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Hi, I’m a new post. Pleased to meet you. November 14, 2015

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Marshall McLuhan on Computers & the Future Internet October 9, 2014

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Liked it? I loved it! Thanks Alex for the post – much appreciated – Bob

McLuhan Galaxy

My apologies to subscribers; the beginning portion of this posting that you received earlier was unintentional; I accidentally hit the publish button instead of the preview one. As an example of Marshall McLuhan’s prophetic ability, discussed in the last posting, consider his perceptive comments about computers, at a time when only large mainframe computers existed, and his premonitions about a future technology that came to be the Internet. This excerpt is from Robert Logan’s 2013 book, McLuhan Misunderstood: Setting the Record Straight. Toronto: Key Publishing.


So many of McLuhan’s pronouncements about the effects of electric media are prophetic because it seems as though he was aware of the coming of the Net, the Web and other digital media. A simple example of his prescience is that he, in fact, through his writing foreshadowed the Internet. William Gibson, the author of Neuromancer, certainly deserves credit for coining the term cyberspace…

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Design Ecosystem workshop, nextMEDIA Toronto, 30 Nov 2009 December 2, 2009

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As part of nextMEDIA Toronto’s master class series, OCAD’s Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab) gave a didactic workshop on the design ecosystem, on November 30, 2009. In a packed room at the Design Exchange we presented a few theoretical and practical tools for finding, framing, and maximizing innovation opportunities in the digital media landscape.

Delivered by Dr. Robert K. Logan, Chief Scientist, and Greg Van Alstyne, Director of Research, sLab, the workshop briefly described the actors and roles in the design ecosystem. Specifically, we focused on the power and place of design thinking in innovation, and asked, What are the roles of problem finding, problem framing and problem solving within the innovation process?

Dr. Robert K. Logan
Greg Van Alstyne
Van Alstyne

Dr. Robert K. Logan, Chief Scientist, Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab) at OCAD
Greg Van Alstyne, Associate Professor, Faculty of Design and Director of Research, Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab), Ontario College of Art & Design

DOWNLOAD the SLIDES in PDF format: sLab DesignEcosystem nextMEDIA 2009Nov30 small

Innovation within the Obama Campaign: Inaugural Torch-sLab lecture at OCAD January 12, 2009

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Draft design for Obama's campaign logo, by Sol Sender

Draft design for Obama's campaign logo, by Sol Sender

Strategic Innovation Lab is thrilled to be hosting the first of a series of lectures sponsored by Torch Partnership and organized by Michael Dila, sLab’s chief strategist. This subject is timely and an excellent example of the role design can play in catalyzing significant social change.

The event is now close to capacity; we expect a sold out event so please register soon and come early. We ask you to register here: http://unfinishedlectures.eventbrite.com/ (Registration is not required to attend but helps us plan and improve this event series)

Inaugural Unfinished Lecture at OCAD
Hosted by Strategic Innovation Lab
Sponsored by Torch Partnership

Tuesday January 13, 2009, 5-7 pm
OCAD Auditorium


Scott Thomas and Rahaf Harfoush will lead an interactive discussion on how Design and New Media played an instrumental role in the Barack Obama campaign. Thomas and Harfoush will explore the innovation of both campaign tactics and political strategy. In conversation, we will explore the impact of many forms of openness on participation in the 2008 presidential campaign. Are the progressive tendencies evidenced in the campaign flash-in-the-pan phenomena or a kind of sea change in technologies of engagement.

The Unfinished Lecture is a monthly event hosted by the Strategic Innovation Lab at OCAD and sponsored by Torch Partnership. Part of the Unfinished Business initiative, the lectures are intended to generate an open conversation about strategic innovation in the business and design of commercial enterprises and public organizations.

Scott Thomas is constantly seeking the simplest answer to complex problems. Scott began his design pursuits studying architecture before bouncing to graphic design and web development. In 2006, he and 5 others began a design collective, lovingly titled, The Post Family. The group is devoted to supporting each others design habits, from silk screen to letterpress, from illustration to blogging, in an effort to “get back to the hand”. In 2007, Scott’s career took a dramatic leap when he was invited to join the New Media team at Obama for America. The chance encounter led Scott to becoming the Design Director of the historic Obama Presidential campaign. Scott plans to continue designing for social causes that might just someday change the world.

Rahaf Harfoush is an Innovation and New Media Strategist who specializes in creating authentic conversations in the social media landscape. Her clients include British Telecom, Unilever, InnoSpa, and Duke University. She is also an avid blogger, writer, information junkie, web evangelist and social network ninja. She was the Research Coordinator on Don Tapscott’s “Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything” and contributed to “Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World.” Her articles have been published in The Toronto Star, CIO Magazine, NCEW Masthead, ShinyShiny.tv and Suite 101. Rahaf graduated in 2006 with an Honours in Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business from the University of Western Ontario. Currently, Rahaf is working on a variety of projects including collaborating with Now Public founder Leonard Brody on his latest book “Everything I Needed to Know about Business I Learned From a Canadian.” She recently completed a three-month assignment as part of Barack Obama’s New Media Team at his headquarters in Chicago. Rahaf blogs at TheFoush.com

HOSTED BY: Torch Partnership & sLab

Torch Partnership

At Torch we think differently about the purpose and value of design. By treating business problems as problems of design we are able to develop a richer point of view on the problem itself. This creates a deeper understanding of the problem’s dynamics, and leads to a diversity of unique insights to the problem, its causes and its effects. Our greatest ambition as designers is to improve the businesses we serve. We focus our attention on creating alignment between your organization’s strategy and it’s design for creating value: from structure to processes, communications and core capabilities.

Strategic Innovation Lab
Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab) is a centre for research and innovation affiliated with the Faculty of Design at the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD). sLab operates on a model that integrates academic research, professional services, curriculum and skills development for stakeholders in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. sLab is a growing community of researchers and practitioners, design and business professionals, teachers and students, who are passionate about envisioning possible futures.